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Welcome to "The No-Frills Teacher Podcast," where we bring you insightful interviews, trending topics, and invaluable stories from the world of education. Our tagline says it all: No Studio, No Frills, All Education. Join us as we dive deep into the heart of teaching, exploring a diverse range of topics with experts and educators who share their wisdom, experience, and humor. From innovative teaching methods to navigating challenges in the classroom, each episode offers practical insights and meaningful conversations that inspire and empower educators everywhere. Whether you're a seasoned teacher or just starting your journey, "The No-Frills Teacher Podcast" is your go-to resource for education without the fluff. Tune in and join the conversation as we explore education with insight, heart, and a touch of humor.

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Sunday May 19, 2024

In the 13th episode of the No Frills Teacher Podcast's second season, we have an inspiring conversation with esteemed educator, Maria Rose. Maria shares a deep dive into her illustrious teaching journey, highlighting her dedication, passion, and the transformational impact she's had on her students over a 30-year career. Hear firsthand how she went from winning the coveted Golden Apple Award to being named the Lee County Teacher of the Year.
Maria narrates the joy of presenting golden apple trophies to her students, and her emotional surprise nomination for the Lee County Teacher of the Year. Having devoted her life to shaping the future leaders, her tales of love, perseverance and dedication are for educators and education enthusiasts alike. This episode also sheds a spotlight on the importance of parental involvement and the teaching profession's pragmatic struggles.
In a candid discussion, Maria expounds on the joy of developing children's literacy skills, the significant role of reading fluency and comprehension, and the importance of fostering strong bonds with parents. She also underlines the necessity for teachers to adapt and learn from each other while providing useful advice for new teachers.
The episode ends with Maria sharing her belief that teaching is an act of love, and highlighting how perseverance and passion can bring about a transformational impact in a child's life. Tune in to this episode for a rich insight on the rewarding journey of a passionate teacher and how she continues to inspire future generations.

Friday May 10, 2024

Welcome to Season 2, Episode 12 of the No Frills Teacher Podcast, where our host, Joe Camps, delves into the current crisis of underpaid teachers in Florida. Backed by his own experiences as an educator, Joe discusses the implications of Florida's teacher pay rate dropping to 50th place nationwide according to a recent NEA report. He asserts the importance of raising awareness for this pivotal issue, believing that it is unacceptable for educators to bear the additional burden of needing second, or even third, jobs to survive financially.
This episode reveals the hard truth that despite Florida's booming economy, teachers in the state remain severely underpaid. The prevailing argument that lesser pay is justifiable due to Florida's historically low cost of living is debunked as Joe refers to facts illustrating that the state's living costs have significantly increased over time. As inflation has consistently outpaced teachers' salaries, the latter are no longer keeping up with the daily living costs in the state.
Furthermore, Joe asserts that the need to resolve this issue is not simply for the benefit of teachers. It is also crucial in addressing the teacher shortage in the state of Florida. With data from the NEA showing more than 7,500 vacancies for teachers and educational support staff in January 2024 alone, the urgency to prioritize this problem is clearer than ever. Joe argues that the state must find a way to make the teaching profession more appealing to new educators while also retaining veteran teachers to guide the next generation of educators.
Amid the entire discussion around teacher pay, Joe also turns a critical eye towards edutocrats in upper management who earn six-figure salaries while spending little-to-no time in classrooms. This episode underscores the need for transparency and reassessment in financial allocation for creating a more equitable pay scheme that acknowledges teachers' impacts in shaping the future.
Lastly, Joe invites listeners to continue their professional development through a number of resources accessible online. The episode serves as a reminder that while the journey may be tough, educators are making a long-term difference on a level that cannot be monetarily quantified.

Saturday Feb 17, 2024

Welcome to The No-Frills Teacher Podcast! 🎙️ In Season 2, Episode 11, dive into the fascinating world of virtual education with our special guest, Taylor Ashby. As a dedicated teacher at Florida Virtual School, Taylor brings a unique perspective on guiding high school students through the virtual learning experience. Tune in to discover the virtues of virtual schooling, as Taylor shares insights, experiences, and the impact on students' lives. Plus, get an exclusive look into Taylor's role with Recliner Sports Reporters, where they dissect NFL highlights. Don't miss this engaging episode featuring the 2022 Foundation for Lee County Public Schools Inc. Golden Apple Recipient! Available on all major podcast platforms. 🎧 #NoFrillsTeacherPodcast #VirtualEducation #NFLInsights
Looking to support Taylor and his wife Alex as they raise awareness for Cystic Fibrosis. Make sure to check out their Fundraising page for “The Crossing”
Don't forget to catch Taylor Ashby as he discusses all things football! Recliner sports reporters

Saturday Feb 03, 2024

The No-Frills Teacher Podcast is back for 2024 and this time we are reaching for the stars! Join host Joe Camps and his special guest, Education Project Manager with the International Space Station National Laboratory, Courtney Black as they discuss Courtney’s journey from the classroom to the cosmos!
New to 2024 we will be highlighting each guest’s contribution to education.
Educator highlight: Courtney served for fourteen years as a fourth through eighth grade science educator in Lee County, Florida. She has presented at numerous national conferences illustrating innovative lessons and ways to incorporate space science into any curriculum. In her district, she coordinated an ARISS (Amateur Radio on the International Space Station) contact with her school in 2018 and an In-Flight Educational Downlink event with the entire district in 2020. Courtney received multiple educator awards and is an educator member of the AIAA, Civil Air Patrol, JPL’s Solar System Ambassadors, and Space Center Houston’s SEEC Crew. At the ISS National Lab, she manages the Space Station Ambassador program and the James A. Abrahamson Space Leaders Fellowship. She works with scores of educational partners to leverage science on the ISS for educational purposes. Her educational philosophy is rooted in the support and training of educators to reach, teach, and inspire the next generation of STEMists and space explorers.

Saturday Dec 09, 2023

Elected Superintendents? Not common, but perhaps it can be a game changer for a school district. Join host Joe Camps and his special guest Melissa Holland as they discuss the benefits and apprehensions of moving from an appointed superintendent to an elected one. Does experience matter when it comes to the top position in a school system? Is change always good? Should politics be a factor when choosing a candidate? All this and more on The No-Frills Teacher Podcast!
Want to stay informed on the candidates who are running for Superintendent in Lee County, Florida? Make sure to check out

Sunday Dec 03, 2023

Start spreading the news, The Sanibel School Seahorse Chorale is performing at Carnegie Hall, but they need your support! Join host Joe Camps and his featured guest, Joey Giangreco, music director of The Sanibel School, as they discuss the current state of music in education and his students once in a lifetime opportunity of singing in The Big Apple!
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S2 Episode 7: Hot For Teacher!

Saturday Nov 18, 2023

Saturday Nov 18, 2023

Three couples, all educators! This is episode 7 of The No-Frills Teacher Podcast! Join host Joe Camps and his special guests Paul & Jaclyn Holimon, Steven & Bianca McGinley, and Alexis Camputaro (Joe Camps’ wife) as they share stories of lesson plans and love! Is it better to be married to a fellow educator or leave the classroom separate from the household? Most importantly, which couple will walk away being crowned The Newlywed Game (Teacher Edition) Champions!

Saturday Nov 11, 2023

Fact or Myth: Do the clothes you wear make you a better teacher? Join host Joe Camps as he takes the comfort out of uncomfortable attire.
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Saturday Oct 14, 2023

Can there ever be change in education if we all follow the status quo? Join host Joe Camps and his special guest Dr. Nathan Buehler as they examine the limitations and frustrations of adhering to the status quo in the teaching profession.
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Tuesday Oct 10, 2023

Are you living in the Valley of Despair? Kid trash your classroom? Never ending PLC? We’ve all been there! Join host Joe Camps as he navigates the first livestream episode of The No-Frills Teacher Podcast. Make no bones about it, this is an episode you don’t want to miss!

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