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Welcome to "The No-Frills Teacher Podcast," where we bring you insightful interviews, trending topics, and invaluable stories from the world of education. Our tagline says it all: No Studio, No Frills, All Education. Join us as we dive deep into the heart of teaching, exploring a diverse range of topics with experts and educators who share their wisdom, experience, and humor. From innovative teaching methods to navigating challenges in the classroom, each episode offers practical insights and meaningful conversations that inspire and empower educators everywhere. Whether you're a seasoned teacher or just starting your journey, "The No-Frills Teacher Podcast" is your go-to resource for education without the fluff. Tune in and join the conversation as we explore education with insight, heart, and a touch of humor.

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Tuesday May 02, 2023

Who cares about unpaid overtime and taking a pile of work home daily when once a year you can get free food. Episode 9 explores the origin of National Teacher Appreciation Day and what it means to truly be appreciated. So, grab your favorite personalized coffee mug and that candy bar with the clever note that was left in your office mailbox and take a well deserved moment for yourself. After all, today is your day! 🍎

Wednesday Apr 26, 2023

I'm all about that apology, 'bout that apology , no trouble. Episode 8 takes a closer look at Meghan Trainor and her “apology” for recent comments made about teachers on her podcast. Is this simply a case of putting her foot in her mouth or does the queen of bass really believe teachers deserve the one finger salute?

Monday Apr 17, 2023

“I don’t get no respect” is the mantra of the Veteran Teacher. Why is that? Episode 7 takes a closer look at the veteran teacher and a few reasons why the veteran teacher is leaving the profession in droves. Buckle up! It is going to be a bumpy ride down truthville!

Sunday Apr 09, 2023

The era of the teacherpreneur has arrived, but what exactly is a teacherpreneur and why do sites like TPT cling to their clipart? Hold on to your Helvetica font as it is not always champagne wishes and Calibri dreams!

Tuesday Mar 28, 2023

Chocolate vs. Vanilla, Lebron vs. MJ, NSync vs Backstreet Boys. All great debates, however none may be more heated than the greatest debate of all … Homework vs. No Homework. Join your host The No-Frills Teacher as he tackles this age old question in education that still has teachers divided present day. Which side are you on? 🤔

Monday Mar 20, 2023

Can you be iconic in the classroom while being a fashion icon? Tonight’s episode of The No-Frills Teacher Podcast addresses the influence of fashion in the classroom and how Gen Z educators utilize social media to help fashionably challenged educators across the globe.

Saturday Mar 11, 2023

Is “teacher burnout” real or just an excuse for educators to complain? Episode 3 takes a deeper look at what factors lead to “teacher burnout” and what teachers really want. So, grab your headphones, grab some popcorn, and share your thoughts with fellow keyboard warriors to once and for all settle the debate on whether “teacher burnout” is fact or fiction!

Monday Mar 06, 2023

What defines the “Exceptional Teacher”? Does Fake News belong in the classroom?

Thursday Mar 02, 2023

Who is The No-Frills Teacher? What does it mean to be No-Frills in the classroom? Lastly, will I get more than two people to listen to my podcast? 😑

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